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Kingdom Artist Institute - March 18, 2024

Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

Support and mentorship for Christian creatives building art careers and practices in the marketplace

Family Business!!

Hey Reader! I am excited to share a new feature of our newsletter called Family Business, which is a video update where you'll see my face, hear my voice, and get behind-the-scenes glimpses of our journey in building this vision.

How do I trust God more with my art?

A desire I often hear from artists is to trust God more with their art life. But what does it take to get to a place where you trust God more with the various matters and issues of your art life?

How do I connect my art more to my faith?

What does it look like to connect our faith to our art outside of explicitly making art about faith? Do we have to do something extra, or do we simply need to receive and walk in who and what Christ's finished work has made us?

An interview about my latest work, "We Need to Talk"

Our latest episode of the Faith in the Arts Podcast was about Yours Truly and my choreographic process. We also talk about things like communication, embodiment, and art as language. Check it out!!

Other News / Action Items

  • Complete our KAI Survey to let us know how we can support you
  • Let us know your availability for our upcoming WORKshops
  • I'm a SEEDS Fellow! I, along with 11 other people, was selected for a faith and business mentorship experience that will go through the next 10 months. I am super excited to receive support, community, and guidance to help me structure the Kingdom Artist Institute and serve you all better. Our first in-person retreat is March 21-23. Please keep me in your prayers. Check out my cohort. I'm in the middle!!

Has this work been a blessing to you? Want to support us as we continue to build?

You are so important in this journey!

You are a such a blessing!
Thank you for believing in this vision and helping me propel it forward. Your support helps... Read more

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