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I am Marlita Hill—founder of the Kingdom Artist Institute™ (KAI), a space for career-minded Kingdom artists to receive spiritual care and fellowship in a creative community.

How We Started

Along my journey of building an art career as a Christian, I have met lots of incredible artists on the same journey. In hearing their stories, I noticed there was a struggle that was common to this experience. For various reasons, artists were struggling with experience spiritual and creative freedom between their faith and art career.
But my from my own journey, I knew this was not the experience God intended His artists to be having. There are four elements of my story that made me so confident in this conviction:

  1. The first time I ever remember hearing God speak to me was about art. The Hush Company dance ministry was about to dance and He told me to, "Go watch."
  2. My life in dance is and has been a laboratory for me to learn about who God is, how He works, and how to practically walk out this life of faith as I deepen my relationship with Him.
  3. Every creative endeavor since that "Go watch" encounter has been directed and/or affirmed by the Lord, even leading me out of dance ministry and into a dance career in secular culture.
  4. I grew up in a church where I was taught that I was supposed to be in secular culture, that I was supposed to take space and engage there as a Kingdom representative by using my gifts and doing what the Lord gifted and graced me to do.

In 2015, I started the Kingdom Art Life Podcast to encourage artists in this quest and we've been moving forward ever since.

What We're About

Through our podcast, books, courses, and community, we provide space, resources, and connections to help artists walk in wholeness, move in freedom, and work in harmony as they create the life in art God is leading them to build.

Walk in Wholeness.
Bring all parts of who you are as an artist in Christ to your faith, creative, and career practices.
Move in Freedom.
Be unapologetic about the art life you feel led to build, no matter what kind of art you make, who you make it with, or where you make it.
Work in Harmony.
Let your faith, art, and career work together in a single life practice that brings each part into its fullest expression and maturity through their reciprocal interaction.

Get Involved

I am so excited that you stopped by. Whether you are still questioning if your faith and art can coexist in the same space, need affirmation to help you keep moving forward, or would like to converse with other like-minded artists about this experience, I invite you to dig into our resources which will help you find freedom, renewal, and wholeness in your relationships with God, with Kingdom community, and in the relationship between your faith and art careers.
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Listen to our podcast, The Kingdom Art Life.

Join our KAI Directory - our dedicated space to help career-minded artists of faith discover and connect with one another. The goal of this space is to discover one another online in order to build connections offline. So jump on and create a quick profile so others can learn about you and your work! You never know what cool stuff may happen.

Dig into our books, journals, and studies and get some spiritual nourishment for your creative heart. Check out the Products tab (above) for lots of cool resources.

Email me. Seriously, I respond! I love meeting and talking to artists and I'd love to hear more about your journey and how we can support you!

About Me

In short, I am a choreographer, multi-published author, and 20+ year educator who creates, teaches, writes, mentors, podcasts, and speaks in and across the areas of faith, art, and entrepreneurship.

I look forward to getting to know you!

385 S. Lemon Avenue, E171, Walnut, CA 91789
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Hi! I'm Marlita Hill

of the Kingdom Artist Institute

We are here to spiritually support and encourage you as you build your art career / business in the marketplace, until you are liberated (in God) to do whatever He leads you to do in your creative life—however it looks, whatever subjects it explores, wherever it exists, with whomever it involves. Join us! PS...Make sure to confirm your subscription!!!

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