Hi! I'm Marlita Hill

of the Kingdom Artist Institute

We are here to spiritually support and encourage you as you build your art career / business in the marketplace, until you are liberated (in God) to do whatever He leads you to do in your creative life—however it looks, whatever subjects it explores, wherever it exists, with whomever it involves. Join us! PS...Make sure to confirm your subscription!!!

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THE KINGDOM ARTIST INSTITUTE Welcome! I am Marlita Hill—founder of the Kingdom Artist Institute™ (KAI), a space for career-minded Kingdom artists to receive spiritual care and fellowship in a creative community. How We Started Along my journey of building an art career as a Christian, I have met lots of incredible artists on the same journey. In hearing their stories, I noticed there was a struggle that was common to this experience. For various reasons, artists were struggling with...

7 months ago • 3 min read
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